3D printable headlight bezel to adapt most(any?) common 4x6 headlight to the factory TW200(and others?) mounting brackets.

LICENSE: Free for all to use and distribute with attribution to author. If you print/mill or otherwise manufacture these for compensation, the price shall be no more than the cost of materials+shipping plus the cost of one reasonably priced beer in your area, and no more.

Print 1x each of:

Requires 4x #8-32 x 1/2" (or whatever else you can cram in there) screws. Clearance the holes with a drill bit to suit your available screws. Tap `em if you got `em, self-tapping is perfectly acceptable as well. Replace the retaining spring clip with a piece of rubber tube or length of suitable gauge wire wedged between locator and frame.

Print orientation should be doable without supports for most printers and materials: